evening lazies

to go home
   and cook dinner
or to sit with my friend
this unconcerned shade

     the netting pyramid covering 
camembert and Ritz biscuits
   and finely sliced pickled onion

kambucha fridge cold
       the luxury of a sweating glass

              kids in eternal natter
               and splatter
             occupying the pool

she brings out cooling ties
                 for our necks
          and we drip quietly
                among evening mosquitoes

             our laughter
                    their whine
               and I fiddle
                    with the butterflies
                           in my ears
   my teeth 
      in the softening cheese
                  no need 
   to be more than what I am

Sarah at dVerse asked us to write about food – especially food that has a particular meaning for us. She shared a beautiful poem by Seamus Heaney which you can read if you go here. Unfortunately, although I love food, the preparation of it is mostly a chore. For me, food is often about who you eat it with and the mood at the table. And so I have shared a moment, rather than a morsel. 🙂

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