The Liquid Inside Us

Body Memory

photos / the pottery of our age / their grainy sediment / clotting untracked tears / we hold ourselves in 

back then I was lean, brown / wearing my skin like a shuckable raincoat / never knowing that the colours glowed 

some days image is everything / desiccated fashion labels pinned on fabric / proud and savage / I shrink from this grim cup full of fluffy / and my riddled legs - their blue vermicelli rivers / evidence of real blood

when I die / any liquid will evaporate / leaving flat pixelated blue prints / stippled and empty for archaeologists to find

and so I write / my liquids strung and glistening / a poet’s totem necklace

Written for Miz Quickly Jan 13 Body Memory

13 thoughts on “The Liquid Inside Us

      1. I remember when I was small, my dad had some wellies. Coming home from his alottment one day, the wellies were muddy and I offered to clean them for him. The sole had a distinctive pattern and out popped this perfect chevron of caked mud. Thinking “how cool will this be in a few million years?” I kept that chevron for ages, thinking it would fossilise.

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