All that she carried…

          songs and carrots 
and the tiny problems her children whispered
such hot condensation in her ear
the every day of dinner like crabs scuttling to nip at her heels 
and shopping lists 
and the way the laundry door never quite shut 
and her hatred of umbrellas and how she saw them as lightning conductors 
and trying to remember to take the shopping trolley token every time 
and the oil stains from frying sausages 
or the mysterious pain in her right knee, 
sharp and occasional as tomato stakes 
and the lugging of water from the bath
to the lawn that crackled like cellophane
not a lawn, really
just combed dirt
and the hypocrisy of clouds

           the scooter on morning walks
the one that got road-juddered
so the steering went bung
the toddler, nappy fat and hip heavy
and the rabbit that kept escaping
and the dog next door 
apparently hungry
and the vacuum cleaner
hot wind and dry dust
spinning in plastic
just a microcosm really

and her phone in her pocket
its one thing that fits, you know
in her stupid women’s jeans
her phone in her pocket
not ringing
not ringing
to say 
everything will be okay

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe Brave and Reckless Week 1 Book Title “All That She Carried”

17 thoughts on “All that she carried…

  1. That woman needs a 12 month holiday. This is brilliant again and my favourite line amongst many beauts has got to be the toddler who is nappy fat and hip heavy! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

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