January Haibun

I am pulling weeds. Rip, rip, rip. Weeding where pavers butt and crack, where the beaten strength of human engineering gives way to wiggle; to root snake and trunk push… to Earth’s breath.

My feet are surrounded by endless rectangles, like I’m sewn in with patchwork trousers, imitating the cellulose structure of plants. Do the plants feel the lug of glucose monomers – those heavy, hexagonal cords?

No. Here, with the sun on my legs and flies around my ears, the night’s thought prisons are uprooted. In tessellations I am strangely freed.

Toadstool with your tiny conical roof
     tinged with Earth’s pink certainty.  
  Like this we are blooded

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe’s Haibun Wednesday Theme: January

3 thoughts on “January Haibun

  1. I love the ‘beaten strength of human engineering giving way to wiggle.’ That made me chuckle.
    If you pull your weeds, rip, rip, rip
    And don’t get the roots
    They’re sure to come back; trip, trip, trip
    You, over your boots.

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