Clouds Fishtail In

“I don’t know what happens after death but I’ll have to chance it.”- Desert Snow, Jim Harrison

after the avocado dip
ingredients mashed
          to unrecognisable
  without my glasses

and after being stiff -
      a wooden marionette
  rising from every rest...
I see myself, slow as bessemer,
 apples in my cheeks
          picked off by William Tell
     that irrevocable march.
so many steps to the letterbox

faded floral dress
   and ankles like rolled stones
         clouds fishtail in 
like last week’s sago

        in the end silver, dulled, 
is only grey
  like the stars at closing time.
       we’re erudite as candles are

glowing to a waxy sputter

Written for dVerse poetics… “The Songs of Unreason”. Pick a line from a Jim Harrison poem and use it as an epigraph and inspiration for a poem.

15 thoughts on “Clouds Fishtail In

    1. I fear this poem is a bit whingey. I have undergone a lot of change in the last 12 months and I don’t know how much is permanent and to what degree I will return to my previous self. The stone ankles came from a lovely looking elderly lady I saw coming out to check her mail. I don’t know what is possible in terms of prevention or cure. I am glad you could enjoy the poem. 🙂

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  1. This is superb Worms – such perfect descriptions. Really beautiful and poignant.
    I particularly like the first stanza, because I have to remember my reading glasses to see what I’m doing in the kitchen now. 🙂 But the last two stanzas are just so evocative.

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