this battery life

we live in our rectangle
             crouched over by 
   a beard of old sky

    a smell of toast and muffled slap -
bare feet on yesterday’s dust  
           floors of ruled trees

voices ping on hard surfaces
   the hiss sing of water
through plastic tunneled rivers
  lawns in measured boundaries
                        this battery life
    shrubs eeked to careful flowering
but in the mirror, I turn my back
                   not knowing how to see
             the gross achievement  of fitting in

11 thoughts on “this battery life

      1. LOL We looked and looked out that way but couldn’t find anything we could afford. We ended up buying a block near Nimmitabel – not considered in commuting distance of … well anywhere really. So, much cheaper. But although its drop dead gorgeous, we hardly ever get there. So… tricky.

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  1. No reply option directly below your reply, so new strand, sorry:
    It was a lot cheaper when we bought out here about 15 years ago. But all the markets seem to have gone crazy since then. I worry about how my kids will afford housing – and if I’m going to be stuck with them forever as a result.
    Nimmitabel is a bit far for a commute 😦 but lovely for a weekender or retirement.
    When we first told friends in Canberra we were building out here some thought it would be for a weekender. 😀 My commute is about the same now as when I lived in a flat in Sydney and had to leave home at 7am for the commute to take less than an hour.

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