Twiglet #264

in the shower, she enjoys singing
     notes larking and spurling
  twisting curlicues escape the window

men pass by: smart suits, thin ties
        and see the steam with its ride of melody
they hear hair like rivers running satin

and creamy shoulders bare as sunshine
          and hip bones wrapped in peach skin
they picture fringed eyes,  secretive and moon grey

never knowing that her heart is an empty fridge

Twiglet #264 “empty fridge”

21 thoughts on “Twiglet #264

      1. As a fellow not beautiful person, I hear you. I’ve accepted society to an extent. What I find more irritating is descriptions of beautiful characters in creative writing that are usually dull, because beautiful people are so often described in the same way. That’s why I love your “her heart was an empty fridge” because it’s so unexpected and spot-on.

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