A to B
       expressing travel
   skin like a map
    ticked with freckles
          she somehow glittered
        with her silver Nissan ZX
         and curls like suspension springs
          at first I liked
the way all her vowels
    issued from her top palate

            and her thin legs in wide pants
                  crossed and dandling
      without a child in sight

     her black rimmed glasses
    and earrings like bath plugs
         pieces of a silhouette

she said we couldn’t say Jayne
   Jean, Joan, June, and mostly Jine
               but not Jayne

her laughter was like the way 
           the afternoon sun
    can be a brand

     arid and sharp 
              a blade
   scraping clean her horizon
        it was then, in the gleam
  (like cafe lights in a long black)                   
  I saw my own sunset gathering in her eyes


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