Into Yellow

Tonight’s moon,
its catchy grin
open mouthed and charming

Light slashes her legs.
She is halved,
but no cathedrals,
just bare skin
and sweat’s bloody tickle

and then, through the open window
the tingling seep
of washerwomen
their bright hands
cooler than coins
on forehead, hip and thigh.

I will call you, 
grins the moon
blowing kisses 
shaped like pineapples
and she sinks
into yellow.

14 thoughts on “Into Yellow

    1. I am glad you found something to like. I wrote it when I was already nearly asleep. It’s really just about lying in the moonlight and the temperature vagaries of chemo-induced menopause. LOL. But it’s mixed up with a few other things going on in my head too.

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