Congregation of the Sleepless

These nights, as I sweat or snuggle by turn, I have taken to leaving my curtains wide open. With the room dark the night outside is luminous and its characters are my sleepless friends.

At my window the sleepless congregate,
thought goblets fizz-busy and nebula hair;

the pregnant moon with her swelling belly, 
spoon-back silver… another immaculate conception;

pale clouds scrape the dark, their gauzy netting. 
So flimsy our defence against the infinite,

and this symposium of stars: 
we’re all flattered by their coquettish blinking.

At this purple banquet we sip mulled squid ink 
suffused with time.    Night’s invigilators.

17 thoughts on “Congregation of the Sleepless

      1. Ah. TBH it hasn’t been a particularly hot summer here in Canberra. Really nothing to complain about. I think our top temp (so far) has been 34 C. That’s about ten degrees cooler than other summers. But chemo induced menopause and I seem to be more sensitive to heat (especially still heat) than I used to be.

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