Bad Feminist

I wanna be brave, snickful and fun
like 4X beer cans, damn near blinding the sun,
sharp, hot and vital, sincere as aluminium

I don’t parade with my bra undone
I don’t fight,  I’m an ordinary Mum
but I wanna be valid, sure tough as aluminium

I wanna love like moon glint, be kind to everyone
persisting though my label rots, lying in the sun
but I’m not cheap and throw-away, not like aluminium

We’re all a bit good and we’re all a bit bum
and we all want a place, to be loved by someone.
We all want a job and an equal chance to run

and we’re all heaps better than tubes of aluminium.

Written for the Brave and Reckless Prompt on Go Dog Go Cafe – using the title “Bad Feminist”

Last night (Australian time) Mr Bump wrote on exactly this topic very articulately (see here). Later he moved to climate change (a topic which is very close to my heart) and a good conversation ensued on the topic of eco awareness and whether or not it is a luxury. This morning, I wrote this poem completely forgetting that I’d read Mr Bump’s post last night. He has reminded me and I think he deserves credit for inspiring this post. I have long agreed with what he wrote but I failed to question myself as to why it was top of mind this morning.

21 thoughts on “Bad Feminist

  1. I like this. There’s a powerful grittiness to it, and that image of the aluminum can in each stanza is so intense and dynamic. Plus, I loved these lines:

    “We’re all a bit good and we’re all a bit bum
    and we all want a place, to be loved by someone.”

    Nicely done! 🙂

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      1. True! Sorry. I forgot. And I got distracted with the eco awareness conversation yesterday and didn’t respond fully to your post. I couldn’t agree more. I have been thinking for months that we need to be finding our commonalities in being human, not always focusing on differences. All the minority groups are right. They all deserve a voice. So how do we prioritise one over another? Is me being a woman more important than somebody being black or a Jew or gay or whatever? Of course not!!

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