dVerse #Sparrowlet


Austracanthus, bright and tiny
globular with rear end spiny.
This insect's in her web to truss
Armoured spider small but mighty
slaying without noise or fuss
bright and tiny Austracanthus.

Written for Grace’s very challenging dVerse poetics prompt – write a Sparrowlet. The rules are here.

15 thoughts on “dVerse #Sparrowlet

      1. They are really pretty, despite being spiders. I didn’t know what they were called before reading your poem, I just called them pointy spiders.
        I was planning to go blackberrying tomorrow πŸ˜€ . I hope you left some!

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      2. Just a few. LOL. Today was our last ditch effort. I found new picking grounds. They were so fat and juicy. Irresistible. Mr Worms picked 5kgs early this morning. And I went later and got another two. The 5 are now jammed and jarred. The two will be stewed tomorrow. And we have some snap frozen in zip lock bags. A very berry summer.


  1. I’m not quite an arachnophobe (well, okay, I sort of am one), but this poem is delightful nonetheless! We have similar ones in this area that we call cat-faced spiders. They’re horrendously monstrous things (to me, anyway, heh heh), but not nearly as colorful as Austracanthus. (I definitely should NOT have googled spiders just now…) πŸ˜€

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