Twiglet #268

the prosthetic (a cascade poem)

the new truth is held
in a pocket against my heart:
confidence is a synthetic moon.

at night, I’m naked as starlight.
and in the top drawer beside me
the new truth is held.

the sky nuzzles in and I dream...
inconsequence at large, and the drumming fear
in a pocket against my heart.
I dress with the door shut -
morning alchemy turns shame to filigree;
confidence is a synthetic moon

Written for Twiglet #268 “in a coat pocket”

9 thoughts on “Twiglet #268

  1. I think I get it, from reading your earlier works including about pockets in bras.
    I also think it stands well without being made more explicit – being a bit ambiguous can allow people to find something for them personally in it, without taking away the meaning it has for you.

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