“To everything there is a season…”

the calendar says
   summer's done

            three months of
lowering skies //  slices of rain
           poised above hillsides
                  soft dagger grey
it fell and fell
             and now the light
     the sky’s own eyeballs
done with watching

   slip down
against the green fence
      strips of moon
  carved, I suppose,
              as part of night’s geometry

         all so cleanly doused
          a facsimile of silver
 and perhaps left to dry       
                in the shimmering hearts of ivy 


Written (late) for Lillian’s dVerse prompt “pick an adage”

13 thoughts on ““To everything there is a season…”

  1. I’m such a sucker for symbolism and word/sound play. “A facsimile of silver…” just rings in my mind. Just perfection. And you have such a knack for it, which makes your poetry so enjoyable. 🙂

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