and i see the ibis

a fruit bat
         orange fox garb with
   lightly clasped wings.
              in their black hug 
the emptiness of 
     a missing teddy
		the gaunt man stoops
   		into his groin
		ties his trackie cord
			the nothingness inside
			his winkless eyes
		somehow menacing

a mural in rich purple
gawps against concrete
and graffiti’s untamed sprawl
abandoned skate park

           and I see the ibis
                   fly again
               their tatty “v”
                 in a poorly erased sky

9 thoughts on “and i see the ibis

  1. All of these images are so dream-like and flutter beyond my ability to describe properly because I can’t quite catch hold of them, they’re so amorphous and fleeting. Your ability for creative imagery is astounding. I sit here reading and re-reading your poetry and just try to absorb all the symbolism. It’s quite an experience, and a good one at that. 🙂

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