Shopping Mall #SoCS

I rub my spine
counting dots
while I wait for coffee

waists are high this year
like the flood waters
brimming over
and also holding in

I watch
fashion and weather
in argument or love

aren’t we all glad 
for the blinding sun
sanded back,  varnished light
the sheer grain

the perfect skin of it
a cheek unmasked
this morning I’m
steering from the edges

through the Saturday crowd
their tripping feet
heels clicking
like a loss of cartilage

and in the high gloss floor
we’re all upside down
counting dots
I rub my spine

Written for Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt “trip” Saturday, March 12 2022

7 thoughts on “Shopping Mall #SoCS

  1. That imagery! Along with the spine dots, I was instantly fascinated with the “heels clicking like a loss of cartilage.” So startling and precise! I think that describes your writing for me: “startling and precise.” And amazing and wonderful and thought-provoking. (I could go on all day!) I so look forward to your posts and I’m never disappointed. 🙂

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