two eyes

waves fold along dotted lines:
perforated foam
and the tumbling of happy screams

a gruff, granite headland
pushes off clouds in uprising
and the day winks its bluest eye

but at night
through forest’s white verticals
I glimpse the leaf-lace moon -
her yellowed, scrappy shroud

I think of her
tossed nearly always into blackness
mistaking wave burr
for palms' frond whisper

a different ancient rock
riding space's breezeless tide

Written for Donna’s Brave & Reckless Week 3 Challenge – using the title “The Bluest Eye”

14 thoughts on “two eyes

    1. Thanks, K! So glad you liked the bit about the fronds and waves. It was a real moment of confusion on the beach. There were no fronds and, in fact, very little breeze and yet I heard the palm trees.


      1. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it, when this happens? Sometimes I’ve posted poetry or images that I thought maybe I should have just kept to myself, and those pieces really resonated with people. I’m glad you decided to publish this one. It’s an amazing poem. Also, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the moon and have written about it often, so this really meant something to me when I read it.

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