This Waking Guilt

On first sight, I see
that the surf rolls up light 
like rice into sushi and
that the disingenuous sun 
has one bright blade
dissecting sea from sky.
I see that the clouds puff 
darker grey on the broad cheek 
nearest to the headland’s blunt fist.

I see it all. 

But when I come again 
with intent to save the world
the sea is glossy, brylcreem slick
and in its oily mirror,  
I find a different story
of deep tumult 
far beneath the surface:
the washed rainbows
of tuna flanks,  swimming hard 
from aluminium prisons.

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt “beneath the surface”

9 thoughts on “This Waking Guilt

  1. You had me at “brylcreem!” (As a little kid, I had that junk put in my hair against my will and I hated it! 😀 ) This poem is a primer on how to create surreal imagery. You’re an artisan with words. Just incredible stuff. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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