#dVerse Prosery

The day I sat with Joanna’s group, it felt amazing. I put on my friendliest smile.

The other girls just chatted like I was nothing new. Good. They talked about last night’s TV shows – Beverly Hills 90210 and X Files. And then they started on actors and the stories about them in recent issues of TV Week. I had nothing to say.

I thought about my evening. Dad and my brothers talked about physics and planets and Dad used his wine glass and the pepper grinder as props. I was rostered to wash up so I chose the music. I could imagine what these girls would say if I told them I sang along to Evita while I did the dishes.

So I sat and smiled. But still I wandered… lonely as a cloud looking wistfully over to my empty place in the sun.

Written for dVerse's Prosery prompt  March 14, 2022

Use "I still wandered lonely as a cloud" in a piece of prose of no more than 144 words.

14 thoughts on “#dVerse Prosery

    1. Yes. But I didn’t stay with that group. I simply had nothing to contribute to their conversation. I had nothing in common. I went back to being one of the “outsiders”. When you’re a teenager, I think your priorities are easily messed around with by your peers.

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  1. Sounds like a fellow member of the Outsider’s Club. My specialty in high school was Staring At My Feet While Leaning Against The Wall By Myself During Lunch Break. (No talking allowed, either.) I was pretty good at being an outsider, so like others in this comment section, I’ll say I’d choose physic every time! It’s impossible to become a clone or a drone if you’re not part of a group. 🙂

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