night of the flying fish

leaping tuna with flashing tails
aloft aloft
over the wheeling Earth
brushed aluminium scales 

gill-flap moon until I sleep
blows bubbles 
sky high,  scant white froth 
of cloud and I’m down deep

on sea’s bed rummaging light
a shouldered mist
soft hum and spume of spray
laddered eucalypt takes flight

silver and black my kelpish dreams
bulbous shadow
from trawling snail’s silhouette
but nothing is quite what it seems.

Photo by Jet Kim on Unsplash

15 thoughts on “night of the flying fish

    1. I had this kind of waking dream a couple of weeks ago about all the tins of tuna on the supermarket shelf and how many fish that was. We don’t eat much fish because my husband is a scuba diver and has seen how the seas are getting emptier and emptier of life. But I had been having tinned tuna occasionally to fulfill those nutrient requirements. But the dream has been haunting me so I have had tuna on the mind a little. While sick last year I let go of muchnof my consciousness about food and the planet. But my guilt is coming back in full force. In this poem the tuna is more about the colour I wanted. But it could have been barramundi, now you mention it.

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      1. I find that it is something I am conscious of, but I can’t give up meat completely. Fish is a grey area. Even looking at replacements, something like cheese has a significant footprint of its own.
        But clearly, pre-Industrial Revolution, the human race was able to live sustainably, so meat at some level must be sustainable.

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