Sydney Harbour Bridge

you’re turning 90 today
hanging there 
in the whip and sizzle
wave crouch and ferry slouch
and a breeze
unhindered by iron beams
or the galloping
of flag ripples

remember De Groot?
borrowed steed
charging for Fascism
dodged Lang, sword sang
and a ribbon
dropped to dirt
classic Aussie tuppence
flipped on a dirty palm

but who cares?
your shadow’s there
and harbour’s twinkling
striated eye, cuppa sky
it’s grand, you’re grand
morning like fanfare
sun bling strewn on 

picnic-day blue
inspiring shutter snap
and Lennie Gwyther who
rode from Vic on Ginger Mick
aged just nine
that was for you
it’s all bloody brilliant

The Sydney Harbour Bridge turned 90 today. I wasn’t aware of this milestone until about 4:30 this afternoon and I’m not usually one to wax lyrical about anything that could be perceived as nationalistic fervour. But the fact is, when I used to live in Sydney and catch the train into work, every single time I went over the Harbour Bridge, I made sure to stop reading or writing or daydreaming and stop and look out. I love the harbour and I love the bridge. It’s a freakin’ beautiful place.

Image from Australian Traveller

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