The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One

Raven Study Painting by Marion Rose

the sheets are griddle hot

I’m a woman
deciduously speaking
winter coming in a hot flash

it sounds counter-intuitive
like the way
that crows make me happy

I like crow beards
maybe they have deeper chins
beards like combs

“brush brush bruuush”  they state
ducks question  “eh?”
long as night time

I don’t know the answer
only that purple is home
a world in silhouettes

I’m lying in a skin soup
dreaming of crows

Written in response to Go Dog Go Cafe “Week Four Brave & Reckless’s Creativity Prompt Challenge: Other Voices, Other Rooms” Using the Title “The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One”

12 thoughts on “The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One

  1. Crows are endlessly fascinating in my opinion. And they’re suspiciously clever, which makes me wonder if they’re not birds at all but maybe some small creature wearing feathers for warmth.

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    1. there are lots of smart birds. I think the expression “bird brain” is misused. 🙂 It should mean able to fish, fly and fluff expertly… (sometimes using tools). In Australia cockatoos, magpies, galahs… all considered very smart as well as the crows and there was another bird I heard about recently that’s meant to be smart. Oh! Budgies!! That surprised me. I never knew that.


      1. We used to have feral budgies in our nearby forest but I’ve not seen one for decades. My sister has an African Grey that’s just as happy to remove your finger as squawk at you.

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