#Go Dog Go Haibun Wednesday

Write about the weather in Present Tense

These last few days, everyone is saying “Thank goodness for the sun!” People are stretching like cats, long skin and whiskers pleased. It’s true the summer has been a wet one. Canberra wringing in a wet towel, warmth like dogs breath fogging up the sky. Mosquitoes are having street parties in every dampish, shady spot … I come away from school pick-up slapping and scratching feverishly.

The city has stayed mostly green and the mowers have been working overtime and not keeping up. There are signs about saying “Too wet to mow”.

Meanwhile, further north, it’s been too wet for anything … way too wet. Death and flooded houses and people on roof tops and chooks in floating tents and cars sailling down rivered streets. But even the ABC isn’t saying the words “Climate Change”. Protests are media-muted. The children lose their law case demanding duty of care for future generations. Australia sinks deeper into its political morass.

                                             impassive pigeon on power lines
                                                           camouflaged by heavy sky
                                                   federal election looms

18 thoughts on “#Go Dog Go Haibun Wednesday

  1. This resonates. We’re screwed up here in the States, too, with climate change deniers, one major political party that has become a death cult (republicans), and upcoming midterm elections that may very well be the last elections we see as a democracy if the bad guys win. I wasn’t aware Australia was having similar issues. Sorry to hear this. Aside from that, wonderful writing as always, and hope those mosquitoes disappear pronto. 🙂

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  2. I love the way you have linked Canberra weather to the federal government. The description of the upcoming election taking place under heavy skies is a good analogy. I hope we get a change of government.

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    1. Ha ha. It’s interesting you saw that link. I only talked about Canberra weather because that’s where I live. Canberrans in general resent being linked to the Federal Government in any way. 🙂 But yes, it’s hard to feel positive about the future. My best hope is the big push for independents who value climate action. FIngers crossed organisations like Climate 200 will have an impact.


      1. I was a bit inspired by the SA state election. I wish we didn’t have preferential voting. Unless we live in an electorate where the Greens or an independent has a huge following we always end up voting for a major party. I’m tempted to go to the polling booth and write – stop preferential voting – on my ballot paper.

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    1. Thanks, David. How are you going with your quest to get published? I have found a publisher in Australia and am aiming to get a chapbook made of my poems about my cancer treatment and also losing my friend to cancer. I am just working on my 24 poems. Quite excited about actually doing it. Hope I won’t be unreasonably devastated if I get turned away.

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      1. I’ve still to submit even a single poem to get published. But I set myself a deadline of tomorrow… so I shall send a poem somewhere tomorrow! I do like the idea of having a chapbook though… that’s very appealing! Please let me know how that goes for you!


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