Night Flight

after Franki Sparke’s artwork

Night Flight Image by Franki Sparke 2016

eagles rise as birds of mercy
refugees on feathered beds
scalloping the sky

after gunshots
and spitting yellow,
they face the shadows of silence

darkness definite as chalkboards
filled with the unwritten
morning comes with dust in its eye

in their new land
dandelions won’t speak reason 
they too are gathered in vases

Written in response to the image and in response to Twiglet #272 "shadows of silence"

I read Franki’s own statement about her work and have no doubt this influenced how I saw it so here is what Franki said:

“NIGHT FLIGHT (part of a series) is a response to the desperate and insistent wave of human migration happening now. Stencilled bird images evoke the natural, uncontroversial migration of species in search of resources and safety. But the overprinted human figures – who face the added complexity of borders, trauma and hope – express both terror and wonder.”

26 thoughts on “Night Flight

      1. Well we have lots of eagles, hawks, falcons. Last year I listened to an interview with a woman who has a sanctuary for injured raptors… not that far from here. So I guess the simple answer is yes! πŸ™‚


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