Effacing Earth

‘You all know the wild grief that besets us when we remember times of happiness.’– Ernst Junger, On the Marble Cliffs, John Lehmann, 1947

and so too the garden
          scrapped of colour
     the dry soil
         set to run 
up every limb and bough and leaf
 bushes of standing dust
      sepia shadows
   bold ink lines &
slashed pages 
emerald,  mauve, crimson
         we don’t forget
            the amiable past

vitality sucked
     out face-first
until at our feet
  this tawdry earth
where weeping willows
             can weep no more

instead it is us
                salting the ground
                      with our tears

written for: 
Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge  (include the words willow, line & forget in a poem)


dVerse poetics   - write a poem inspired by the first line from one of 12 famous novels (supplied)

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