Man in Navy

Painting by Morgan Stokes “man in navy”
Man in Navy
The man in navy has pale fingers, nothing
round, his eyes blade blue, long nose finishing in 
silence - lips tight as button holes. See the approaching angle 
of his cigaretted hand and hair, from root to tip is 
night to bleaching sun.  He sits in the manner of
one very confident of his space, face acquiring a
note of sardonic cool by that eyebrow’s gentle rise.               
On close inspection, what I love is
the shadow bissecting his mouth and the wobbly
stave of light on his sleeve as though the smoke
of his addiction will swirl a treble clef.  Would
the  black rectangles of his thighs support such
infinite magic?  And would such neat ears hold the tune?

Following the NaPoWriMo Acrostic style prompt, I selected a phrase from Federico Garcia Lorca as the beginning words of my lines: “The round silence of the night, one note on the stave of the infinite.”

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