The Will of Humans

Negating the proverb: Where there’s a will there’s a way

Human will is overflowing;
rock or ground or tree that’s growing
brought to definite submission
by machinery or by wishin’.

We will our enemies and our friends
with sanctions, threats or promised ends.
Will-smog paints exorbitant skies,
advertising boils with untold lies.

We beckon microbes to take their tea 
on our slides so that we may see
a highway to hygiene,  or doctor’s win;
benchtops flashy; bacteria done in.

We humans are chock full of will
forcing all others to fit our bill
no birds on buildings, no cows roam free,
bugs stay off crops, koalas lose trees,

sharks mustn’t hunt where we want to swim
and outer space has no need to stay clean.
And this pandemic, round after round
we’ve wrestled and jabbed, in air and on ground.

We fight like hell for our wish to reign
supreme over nature, biggest by brain. 
Deafening clashes - our quarrels with death
and grief, fat and queasy, in each aftermath.

Because we’re tiny, if truth be told -
soft-skinned, clawless and quick to grow old.
Faced with tsunami, volcano or flood
we’re puny, we’re fragile - cells in the mud.

Cancer, or alzheimers or PTSD,
they’re inscrutably fearsome, if you ask me.
We fiercely will our loved ones to survive
and then loss is so painful.  An horrific surprise.

22 thoughts on “The Will of Humans

  1. This is fantastic Worms!! 👏👏😁😁 I love the rhyming scheme, obviously but the theme of it even more so! 👍👍 Describes the human condition and the world we are living in perfectly! 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I’m sorry about that Worms. I did delete my site but I made another one. I’m sorry about that. The new address is I have it saved but it doesn’t seem to register on WordPress.

        Liked by 1 person

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