Growing up cute…

In the south we’re faking it with an electric spring, bulb bright and crumbed with sawdust.  To cheep feels like love and so we huddle over the warm box, giving lonely little Einstein our eyes, fingers, food, and the chickiest noises we can utter. 

Jerry from ACT Wellness rings to see how we’re coping with isolation and having COVID in the house.  I tell him about Einstein and while I’m talking, the dog climbs up on a chair to get to the chicken.  My daughter is giggling loudly and pushing the dog down.  Jerry can’t help laughing too.

For the first time in 3 days, I see the yellow chair under the pear tree turn mottled with sun and shadow.  But further away, I know the apricots are shedding leaves in that same shade of yellow.  I noticed them the other day because they matched the sheets that were on the clothes line.

             Easter Eggs in the kids’ lunchboxes 
                   fertility symbol in voltaic green foil.  
               Autumn rips off summer's wrapping.

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe's Haibun Wednesday Prompt "Spring"

21 thoughts on “Growing up cute…

    1. Thanks, Tracy. So far so good. Tomorrow is day 5 of isolation. Mr W has kept himself shut away in our bedroom. I don’t know if I’ll be glad or sorry to still be waiting for it to strike. I feel like getting it is inevitable. But perhaps another month or two past chemo wouldn’t hurt.


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