Alter Ego

Napowrimo #10

"she's a doormat"
            up-end that

slap me down
concrete flat and coarse

like chuck beef
nicely marbled with fact

and it’s this:
I will clean your boots and eat your feet
                                         but hurt
I’ve got fibre
the gristle in your teeth
                  (you don’t complain about the flavour)
beef sinew
through a microscope
is like scorched paddocks

Earth’s skin holding it all together

I will do that for our doorstep
crusty mud caught

be proud

Written belatedly in response to the NAPWRIMO prompt from Day 8. “Write in your alter ego’s voice”

The line “chuck beef, nicely marbled with fact” is directly lifted from – a delightful typo I came across this evening and couldn’t resist using.

5 thoughts on “Alter Ego

  1. Oh man, vivid doorstep imagery, and I know we’ve spoken before as I’ve spent years in this position. Well-poenned. Love the “I will do that for our doorstep” obligatory line. Bravo, Worms.

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