Wahambi Bashar

(My Horse)

My attention is drawn to
    the endearing pucker of skin 
	behind ears the shape of candle flame,
                     my fingers in your mane
      and your thick smell
inhaled sunshine and 
    chaff dreams like floating Sundays.

 It’s afternoon in the big shed:
shreds of Earth’s skin
   flicker in long golden slides,
an air-space slaked with stars;

  and old timbers sagging
sure as bones //  grey-brown 
among the ghosts of cows.

 We’re shouldering contentment
            you and I.
    Brush swoops; and the soft wisdom 
            that radiates from your large eyes. 
     One hoof rests, and in tail's swish
              and fly's buzz, we hear
                 the fundamentals of peace.


Written for NAPOWRIMO I am too private for a proper love poem so here is a memory of my horse who died many years ago.

11 thoughts on “Wahambi Bashar

  1. This is beautiful Worms, very descriptive and full of lovely imagery of said Horse and the time ye spent together! ❤️👌👏 You can tell ye had a close relationship! 😁

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    1. Thanks John. I didn’t name him but he was Anglo Arab – that (if you’re not familiar with horsey terms) is Thoroughbred and Arab breeds mixed. I assume the name was from the Arab side but I don’t know what it means. I always just called him Shar.

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