Introducing Josephine

birds-eye-view of
the nullabor stretching
like the mulga sky fell down
map flat, and folded
abruptly to the sea

watch the blue Kombi 
inside, two brothers play in a cot
skin stained pink from dust;
used to long swims and tent sleeps
and helicopters and camp food,
lots of blokes around
and school of the air, over and out.

and there’s Mum, huge like a battleship
can’t fit behind the steering wheel these days,
tired feet and happy eyes
like deserts are made to measure;
and Dad,  casual knees akimbo
brown as Tennant Creek, beard untrimmed
eyes on the straight, straight road
elbow nudging the breeze

scene 2: 
the heat is measured
in cicada roar
and packing boxes
and the smell of black markers.

on a concrete verandah
grandma is humming “la di di”,
hair wet from the pool
where she showed the boys
frogs in the filter box
and how to warm themselves
against the garage bricks

and there’s grandpa,
singlet and shorts
a new baby on his chest
humming long, blank notes

Mum’s in and out,
on the phone, curly cord
and yellow pants,
packing, mind on full spin
between Bahasa and banks
and passports, feeding boys,
farewelling friends
and nursing her tiny, new daughter

Written for NaPoWriMo #14

Today’s challenge is a fun one: write a poem that takes the form of the opening scene of the movie of your life. Does it open with a car chase? A musical number? A long scene panning across a verdant plain? You’re the director (and also the producer, the actors, the set designer, the cinematographer, and the lowly assistant that buys doughnuts for the crew) – so it’s all up to you!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Josephine

  1. I’ve mentioned this often, but your talent for incredible imagery is peerless. Honestly, I felt as though I were right there inside this poem, watching things from an arm’s length away. It’s so real, the feeling of taking part in this piece. I’m constantly in awe of your writing. This is such a wonderful piece. 🙂

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  2. It took me a while to catch on to the title and then once I did I re-read and the journey was so Aussie with everything that Australia has to offer those lucky enough to understand. I want the blue Kombi 🙂 🙂

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