Easter Saturday Walk

A Curtal Sonnet

The lake’s skin shifts; stolen colour and flicked light,
and already, as we park, my camera craves the view.
The museum’s bright shapes, provoking modern lines
and beyond a gulls’ shirred cry, a wake in foamy white
where a wind-surfer-cloud sheers swiftly the lazuli blue
and to the north, two cranes necking, red triangled spines.

Saturday crowds, shore-bound and sun-ready, are out:
Electric bikes, scooters or boards, these effortless times,
skim quieter than clock feet past the kids, me and you.
The dog, on his leash, leads the way without doubt
into autumn, where greens graduate to heady carmines

Written for NAPOWRIMO #16 “write a curtal sonnet”

16 thoughts on “Easter Saturday Walk

    1. Well, a few things: Canberra is at an altitude of about 600m so it is colder than most other Australian cities (except maybe Hobart). Also just because we enjoy a most beautiful autumn. It’s sunny and gorgeous and there are actually colours. Anyway, I don’t think my poem mentions temperature once. And finally, I feel the same way about the British summer it definitely lacks conviction. And frankly I envy that as much as you envy the Aussie winter.

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