“The Roaster” by Pablo Picasso
this one
feather-struck and cock-eyed 
and tongue hard-wired to drunken yell
yodel yay eeeeee!

he says
do you love it?
my self-portrait 
it's the psychedelic '70s
so you see
i am the dawn, ladies
from wishbone
to tail feather

i am the dawn
hear me roar

he tapes himself 
on coop walls
(moted and savage with sawdust)
and does little tap dances
hoppity hop

a blithering fool

whose spurs are these? he asks, 
rounding up his toes for counting, 
feet pale as mustard
one two, wait
one two three, no
is that one?

and yet... and yet
he loves himself still
it's painted bright
on comb and double chin

hell has feathers
for crying out loud

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