World of Words

Twiglet #275

beached words: silver grain or 
threaded weed, fishy skeletons of age-old rules,
evolution’s suck and stench 
that’s English

frisbee words, handled with a strong wrist
flat and placid, good for skimming.  
silver flick and thrumming rings
that’s English

pop-up shop words, noisy 
arcade or neon words, big-headed pushy words, 
elbowing to the front of the bus queue 
that’s English

shape-shifting words, knitted together
rugby-sock marketing words 
lazy, slouchable words, sitting in a bean bag
that’s English

stumpy-tailed bush words, lurking
jungle-smart; hunting, hiding, 
camouflaged words, shadow's friends.
that's English

backyard words for DIY lovers
letters (beech or gloss-white) in a bag...
sheer finger-shredding arsery words
that’s English

16 thoughts on “World of Words

      1. Swedish is deemed to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. There are rules but there are more exemptions to consider. On the other hand it’s melodic when spoken.

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      1. Heck when this month ends I might scale back a bit. I’m doing NaPoWriMo and a found poem challenge using the book Jaws as source text. The found poems are on Tumblr.

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