Ned Kelly

Image: Ned Kelly by Sidney Nolan

After E. E. Cummings’ Poem [Buffalo Bill’s]

                                       Dear Ned, born in a drink
                      poor Irish lad
                                            aged 12, lost his Dad
dressed like a letterbox
                    & held up The Mail
                                             (to pay for his bread)
 your money 
                     or his life …                                                    hanging
 by that thick thread
                              his last horse of oak and 
a cruel lasso
                                swinging free.

Kelly was born in December 1854, near the town of Beveridge in Victoria. When he was 12, his Irish father John ‘Red’ Kelly, an ex-convict, died of dropsy, forcing Kelly to leave school and become the family breadwinner. › bushranger-history › ned-kelly

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