Chapbook Available!

Dear Readers,

I am proud to announce that my little Chapbook “Journey: A Cancer Story” is now available for sale from the website of Ginninderra Press.

Ginninderra Press do not produce Chapbooks electronically and they don’t post overseas. However, I have just ordered 60 copies and will post them if you’re keen! I need to figure out an online sales portal.

Thanks again, all of you! Your support has been magnificent!

❤ ❤ Jo (aka Worms)

24 thoughts on “Chapbook Available!

  1. I’m very excited to read your chapbook, Jo. Give a shout when you have your online portal up and running, the price of which (hopefully) will also include postage and packaging to the UK. It’s not an expense you should swallow as it’s a ghastly price.

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