age of a breeze

Friday night; silence falls
charcoal belly pushes forward 

the mountains, dark as irony 
the western sky. and then rain clinking 

from a guttering sky. falling bells,  
voices of runnelling and,  temperature unwieldy

(floods in the body, floods from the sky),.   
middle age waits for a breeze...

how to measure the age of a breeze?
Air shifts time and we smell it; desert stories, 

the ruffling of dunes: a row of hens at rest.
breezes and time, heads under wings and

it’s time for tea, rendered fat in the pan.
Friday night; silence falls

A full-on week and little energy left for writing (much to my frustration). I couldn’t face the cento set by NAPOWRIMO so, to my own surprise, I have been drawn back to the Duplex.

5 thoughts on “age of a breeze

    1. What a great thing that is! I have no idea how to thank her, not being on FB or Twitter. But her prompts are amazing… and the links to all the journals and the other featured participants. For me, this month has been an incredible journey. A huge learning curve. Unfortunately life got a bit on top of me at the end but overall, I’m pretty overwhelmed at the generosity of people, all the stuff they do supporting writing communities.

      As for the duplex… lol. The first one I wrote felt so prescribed. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Well, the first one I published. The first three I wrote got scrapped unseen by any eyes but mine. But yours and Barbara Y’s showed me a poetic merit that I hadn’t seen before. So this one was an attempt to achieve that level of poeticisim.

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