a few autumn mornings

we wake
to fog’s whisper
air band agape and pale
oval submerged in this quiet

or just
pale dawn, over-
hung, a night of heavy
drinking, the grass engorged, the sky

or first
frost – tiny ice
swarms in the night, glitters
and winks, a million rainbows blanched
to white

Written for dVerse poetics – Crapsey Cinquain

8 thoughts on “a few autumn mornings

    1. Thanks, Misky. Yes, we get some good frosts here, although it feels like they are getting fewer. When I first moved here, you only had to leave your car outside until about 9pm and you would need to clear the windscreen with a credit card some nights. And we used to get the first frost before ANZAC day (April 25) bit that’s rare now.


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