Captain Morning

Captain Morning
have you always been?
Holding the tiller,
prow skewed in
among cloud layers

Imagine one 
enormous star
baked into 
sky’s dark bread
infinity’s rising yeast

and can you hear
the breaking?
Brittle crack // a toffee eye
sheets down, 
permanent raining

Captain Morning
skipper of waking
your yellow fuzz
warms my neck,
bids me have faith.

Why question the sun?

13 thoughts on “Captain Morning

    1. Thanks, John. I have just started a part time job (first paid work in 9 years), I had a little launch for my book, and my aunt has been visiting from the US so life has been incredibly busy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if my poems didn’t make sense. I am hoping the job will get more normal and I will settle back into my old writing routines.

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      1. thanks for sharing that, Worms; may the job go well; and I’m sure you’ll get some tales from your aunt: all grist to the mill; your writing is challlenging at times but that’s a mark of a good writer; to shake us up a little 🙂


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