Unsheathed from its special box - Japanese steel, sworled and beautiful... and there! The pumpkin cubes easily, orange blocks forming a chopping-board city. Shush shush shush, the mushrooms fall into slivers which are scraped into the baking tray atop the pumpkin, and zucchini pieces topple in too,  green-backed moons. Top and tail beetroots, the whiskered bulbs, hands glean purple.  I am stained.  Next, the red whisper, onion skin like finger prints, not letting go. And on, to the soft // white // shell of garlic. It faces the snic nick nick, knife-tip down and bouncing.  I sweep the blade, pungent precision, fingers to steel. 

Finally a quarter cup of olive oil, sloop of gold.  A hearty mix // colours peek and giggle from the black tray. It's all slid into a very hot oven.

Twenty five minutes to cook spiral pasta al dente and, in a measuring jug:  more oil // lime juice  // dried parsley, thyme, oregano // more garlic // salt & pepper // and whisk with a little of the pasta water.

Face turned from the steam, draw the veggies out of the oven. Mix in the drained pasta, douse with dressing and top with squares of Feta and fresh avocado.

     by the brown fence
          she paints the flowers
    reinventing rainbows for bees

Inspired by: Misky’s dVerse prompt (Bon Appetit!) and Donna’s Go Dog Go Cafe Haibun Wednesday (backyard)

Last night, having made a late invitation, I had to whip up a quick, filling meal. I turned (as has become habit) to recipetineats. Nagi didn’t disappoint. I found her marinated roast vegetable and pasta salad. I leapt in feet first and soon found that I was substituting every second ingredient. Ha ha! Mr Worms wondered if I was crazy. But luckily, roast vegetables always taste good and Nagi’s dressing just made it all work!!

14 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. This is a fun piece, and “rainbows for bees” just works–it’s got a perfect mental image and it sounds so good when recited, either in the mind or aloud. Good stuff all round. 🙂

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  2. Yum! I just looked at the recipe. Did your beet root go tender in just 25-minutes? I don’t mind a bit of toothsomeness but I wouldn’t want a knife to bang against a plate. I have a Sunlong knife. What’s yours? It sound very special.

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      1. I’ve heard of Ran knives. Pretty blades. I must try this with beet root. I love it, although Mr M prefers his pickled. Maybe there’s a compromise in the future. I could drizzle his with balsamic.

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