this wind kicks 
pieces of autumn
through a slatted fence 
and my stratospheric 
eye chases neon in 
cerulean blue - orange pekoe 
stars from plane tree 

toss. this day is poised
before a seasonal hand
shakes down winter 
shutters, the rattle of 
bare wood and trigger 
breezes,  sunken sky and 
the whip-snap of frost in 

morning sheets. do our 
lives too glow orange 
at the last? our minds in
cartwheel against past 
footpaths while sparrow-
hop gusts lift and recede.
do we feel ourselves settle

in death's silent
browning of rainbows?

Written for Twiglet #279 “sunken sky”

and Lillian’s dVerse “Compound Me” prompt (I used handshake)

22 thoughts on “Transition

  1. The juxtaposition of death and rainbows (an unexpected ending nonetheless) and the colorful imagery signifying transitions throughout life, I love it all. Your poetry is mesmerizing, fantastic, and beautiful–and this piece really encapsulates it. I feel that envy that writers get when they read something and they wished they had written it; I feel that here, hahaha. This poem is a mix of colliding images with nature, and it slides into my imagination as if I can actually live through it. I may not know what exactly this is about (forgive me, my brain is running on little coffee), but it resonates in my mind; the beauty of the figurative imagery you create is astounding, poignant, and above all, it is meaningful. ❤ ❤ ❤ I also really adored the orange glow and life lines, it made me think that this piece could have some parts of it that delineate the final phases of our own lives, and how everything begins to decay around us with age.

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    1. Thank you, Lucy. What a wonderfully full and positive response. I couldn’t wish for better! You are so kind. I am so glad you enjoyed it, and for somebody running on too little caffeine, you seem incredibly on the ball and perceptive!

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  2. How beautiful written this is. Lucy gave you a nice commentary. Just wanted to share that seasonal changes always give me pause, life to death and vice versa. Now its spring time here and its amazing to see the colors of life blanket our fields.

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  3. The transition of seasons often plays with my emotions. Spring is in full bloom here and full of life. It was a long winter of brown and gray hues. Also, love the idea of a seasonal handshake, nice use of a compound word. I haven’t shook someone’s hand in a long time. sad but true due to covid fears…

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    1. Thank you Truedessa! I love autumn, despite the dismal overtones of this poem. It is extraordinarily beautiful and I love the excitement of the first winter frost. Not sure where you are but I know for some people, winter is a real hardship. If any season is a hardship here (at least for me), it’s summer.


  4. So much to love and ponder upon here especially; “do we feel ourselves settle in death’s silent browning of rainbows?” Sigh.. you have a way with words that beguile 🙂

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  5. Absolutely stunning. I love the whole thing, especially the third stanza to the end and the question: “do our lives too glow orange at the last?” I enjoyed the spectrum of colours throughout 💛

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