Witch hunt

Emma Femi P.

A necklace of gold
fish wrapped
like cord – my pillowed chin –
hang me in the stream
my bubbles
announce my sentence
to the stars

written in response to K Hartless’ Petite Pen (image found by K. Hartless)

7 thoughts on “Witch hunt

  1. Such a lovely piece. It is almost as if I was startled awake at midnight and felt trapped in the darkness, while the fan keeps spinning and spinning; but the coldness of the air does nothing for the dripping sweat, it is all too suffocating. That’s what popped in my head while reading, and I think it has those vibes of emotional suffocation and being stuck–even worse with the knowledge that it’s even harder to move forward when you can’t. It’s powerful and evocative. ❤

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