dream dremel

and away they go
1400 stadium seats
like a snail shell
unspiraling down
a plug hole

it’s just a binary whirr,  green and grey 
moving shapes tickling my eyelids

the next day as we hurtle
toward that silver car
which ran a red light
I wait for new dreams
the dividing of shin bones
a head in a glove box

but luck has 
a dozen centimetres in stock
breathing fast through our finger tips
we hit any key to continue

the plug hole can wait

Written for Twiglet #280 “dream bin”

10 thoughts on “dream dremel

    1. Thanks, Mike! You’re so kind. Yesterday’s experience sure shook me up. We were on our way home from a post cancer treatment check up at the hospital. All was good. And then I thought the universe had new plans! As my grandfather always said “You have to consider everybody else on the road a fool.”

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      1. I’m so glad everything ended up okay–both the check-up and the near-miss on the road. You’re right–things can change in a heartbeat and we have to keep our heads on a swivel on the road. Happy to know you’re safe and sound. 🙂

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