On What’s Been Going On…

It’s been so busy!! Yesterday I took my little chap book to the wig shop where I bought my wig last year. The women there (volunteers) were so warm and lovely. They are going to sell my book for me and not take any of the money! When they started talking about fundraising, I offered that they could sell my book as a fundraising activity and they asked if I would come and speak as well. I also might speak at a book club. It’s all very exciting.

This week, I heard about a short story competition through a friend and decided I should push myself to enter, even although the closing date is Tuesday next week and I have so little practise in short fiction. So I have written a story for it. It needs a bit of work but the main body is there. And I already have two other competitions I want to enter.

In addition, I have started working (paid work) 9 hours a week. I can’t believe how much this part time job has impacted my schedule and my energy levels. I know I will acclimatise but, after 4 weeks, it’s definitely still a shock.

Now I must look back through the blogging week and see what prompts I have missed. I miss blogging already!

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