Sevenling (I rake leaves..)

I rake leaves and contemplate
the selling of beauty as a capitalist ideal:
boxed and essenced, smelling sweet.

Meanwhile, the western sky rips 
apricot horizons from blue. 
Another day ends in brutal waxing.

No, hun.  That's just a sunset.

I read Misky’s lovely Sevenling and thought… that’s a form I could try! I hope you don’t mind, Misky!

11 thoughts on “Sevenling (I rake leaves..)

  1. Ha ha! Brilliant πŸ˜€ Love the wordplay and the way it ends. It also got me thinking how waxing means removal (as in hair) but also thickening (as in moon)? And then waxing lyrical. It’s such a loaded word really. Love the image too πŸ™‚


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