school pick up

pumpernickel sky, 
low cut & dense 
grinding its heels
in the carpark 

lights are on
browsed by
white teeth;
the sleety rain 

your hood, 
umbrella tick &

charcoal puddles
find traces
of dry humour 

hah hah!
your hands 
are bloodless
and burning

Written for dVerse quadrille with Linda Lee Lyberg “browse”

5 thoughts on “school pick up

  1. First off, that image is extraordinary! It’s goes perfectly with picking up kids from school. The chaos and chatter and filthy weather all make it perfection.

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  2. Love the sensory impressions in that first stanza, and how it sets the scene. So well-written. That feeling of keeping a lid on things. And these lines:

    “charcoal puddles”

    “you hands
    are bloodless
    and burning”

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