like winter trees

(There are) many stories which are not on paper, they are written in the bodies and minds of women.  (Amrita Pritam)

like winter trees: 
wick bare 
& bearing weight 
of wind. slick silver 
sticks tick & thicken 
year on year
bent for benediction...

just so we’ve stood
as gazelles under 
gaze of lions
revering & fearing:
onslaught or ennui, 

on & on... the gusts 
of disgust, denuding 
& undeniable. we
too tick & thicken
stricken, now striking
marking and marching

distance defining
your jaws of yore

Written for Punam’s dVerse Prompt “Women are People”

13 thoughts on “like winter trees

  1. I can see that winter tree, bare and bearing weight of silver. The imagery of the gazelles under the gaze of lions is very striking too. Beautiful reflections on life and relationships.

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