Help Me Be a Tunnel

Image by Reed Geiger

        help me be a tunnel

           dark                   round
            dark                        round
           dark                   round
         the edges
                  black pants 
                                         and a                        
                l     o     n     g  
                   black back

               like, you know,
              like a real tunnel
        the way its shoulder blades
     might bend against the landscape
                 hips busting out
                    feet edge 
                   feet edge
                   feet edge
                 for the track

                   push off from this shimmy square wall
            and show light
            through the middle
           lifeโ€™s green promise
             and wear glasses
            wear black glasses
               with me
               I donโ€™t want
               tunnel vision
                   no way
                   no way
                I donโ€™t want
                tunnel vision

Written for Visual Verse Anthology Vol 9 Chapter 8

8 thoughts on “Help Me Be a Tunnel

      1. Oh no! Today’s the last day so you just about have time to submit if you wanted to? I think it’s brilliant. Even if you don’t, you got a good poem from the prompt.

        Liked by 1 person

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