winter lovers

Artwork by Bronwyn Tracey
pearl sky
day in arched flight
curve of a galah’s wing

beneath trees 
so slow to undress, 
puddles of gold 
reflect scraps of lingerie

grey silk robe
long naked fingers pry
surfaces ripple 

13 thoughts on “winter lovers

  1. Beautiful imagery. I must keep reminding myself that your seasons are switched compared to mine, hence your recent autumn/winter themes. Your words always paint a magical, mystical scene of surreal wonder. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, K! I have commented on some of your stuff and it hasn’t appeared. Then today I tried to comment on your heart breaking little story about picking your kids up and thinking about the shootings and I was told it didn’t work. Very frustrating. Will keep trying. That story was so poignantly written. Oh! The other one that didn’t work was on your story about the refugees on the boat. It really pulled me in. So well done.

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      1. Thanks, Worms. I just discovered the Spam folder. It was filled with all sorts of things…including some actual comments. I will dig in there, and hopefully uncover all your treasured comments. Cheers.

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