Let Us Meet!

Patti, you know who you are
with your voice smoooth as bacon.  
I met you on the train that day - 
we flipped stories like burgers 
and what a great smell...  you and I, 
just met and so saucy.  Eyes like two 
green pickles  Your picture’s stored 
under my lids and when I blink 
you’re there. Why did you go,
that day when my phone rang? 
My half sister Sue needed advice 
and you were gone… faster than 
onion rings from a bowl at a party.
It was just my sister. She was 
waiting for her mother at the 
station in Torino and you know 
I love you baby but it's getting 
too heavy to laugh.  Please answer, 
Patti.  Do. We’re meant to be.  
Your cheesy lover boy  Charles Burg.

This was written for Songshine Sounds Flashback Track #69. For reasons I can’t deduce I can’t follow or subscribe or “like” or comment on that page. But the prompt was: “Write a personal ad with the title of a song in it. Be sure to include the track in your response.” So I had a bit of fun with this song title by Shawn Phillips…

29 thoughts on “Let Us Meet!

  1. Go to the page, in the bottom right corner, hit the “…” then “Log In”. But it’s a bog standard blog hosted on wp.com. There shouldn’t be anything too strange about it. It requires contributors to be logged into wp, but beyond that there are no restrictions.

    I bet you’ve not been recognised on other blogs, too? They messed around with something and I even had to log in again to my own site!

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  2. Heh, all the food references have reminded me I haven’t eaten yet today! You’ve got me craving a bacon cheeseburger with pickles and a side of onion rings (and ! don’t even like onion rings!) 😀 This is such a fun piece with some vivid imagery. Nicely done! 🙂 *belly growls*

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      1. Oooh, that looks great! Thanks Worms!
        I’ll definitely try it, especially when the fam are visiting with their kids! 🙂

        Here’s the lentil curry recipe I use (as taught by my mom) and I make it less hot than she does, but aside from that, she is the best cook I know! 😀 And it works out the perfect amount for a family of 4 though it may not seem so much at first. Also known as Tarka Dahl.


        300g lentils
        (any work well but this is for mung dahl which is the small green or yellow lentils, as it takes way less time to cook)
        a few cloves of garlic (5? 6?)
        3-4 tbsps of veg oil (or any you prefer)
        1/2 tsp salt
        1/2 tsp paprika
        1/2 tsp garamasala
        a pinch of chilli powder
        The juice of a tin of tomatoes and 1 tomato (or 1/3 tin contents)
        1 sweet pepper chilli (the fat green ones, or you can use half a sweet pepper instead if you prefer more sweetness)
        a handful of chopped coriander

        1. Wash lentils and simmer on low heat in a saucepan whilst adding the salt, paprika and chill powder. Enough water so it lies about 1cm above the lentils.
        2. Gently fry garlic cloves in a saucepan with the oil (until they are soft and you can mash them, usually takes 10-ish mins).
        2. Chop the sweet green chilli and add that to the garlic towards the end and mash them together a little.
        3. Add a tomato from the tin to this mixture and also mash that in. Simmer all for 5 mins or so.
        4. Check lentils. They take about 15 mins to go soft. Add more seasoning to taste (usually salt).
        5. Stir the garlic mixture straight in with the lentils with the garamasala and the chopped coriander and simmer for a further 5-10 mins.

        You can add more water if you prefer it to be a soup or simmer it down if you want it thicker. Both ways are delicious!

        Then et voila! It should be ready. Best enjoyed with flatbread or plain boiled rice.

        *I don’t measure anything when I cook so all the measurements above are a general guideline. If you’re already a cook, you’ll know how to tailor it with spices you prefer. As a basic, you add more tomato juice for sweetness or a pinch more of all the others if you prefer it spicy.

        *best eaten during times when you don’t have an interview or a date 😀 😀

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